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We don’t sing you to sleep. We let our mattress do the thing.

Soho Mattress has adopted the latest Contour memory foam technology for the first time in India, making it the only platform to buy contour memory foam mattress online. Our professionals ensure a peaceful sleep through the technological innovation our product carries. Explore our website to know more on Why.

We don’t let your doubts rule. Try our 120 day trial package. Offering free door delivery in 48 hours with exclusive offers and discounts. Exclusive 10 year warranty.


Complete Pressure Relief

Encrusting support layers, sleep surface with precise pressure points is designed to absorb body shape particular weight bases, providing you a sleep of utmost comfort.


Adaptive Temperature

Cutting across between the Contour patterns provide ample spaces that hasten air circulation which in turn adapt the mattress to room temperature, comforting a warm sleep.


Optimum Spine Support

Acknowledging the most common issue – Back pain, we confront the issue through compatible adaptation of body spaces with the mattress. Fit in like a jigsaw with your Soho mattress, soft and smooth.

India's 1st Contour Memory Foam Mattress


Why Contour Memory Foam Mattress?


Acknowledging the most common issue – mattress for back pain, Soho confronts the issue through compatible adaptation of body spaces with the surface. Embrace a lucid sleep with Soho at home. Contour shaped zones designed to avail instant material response and pressure redistribution to help relieve body tensions during sleep.

Contour memory foam mattress presents the unique Zero partner disturbance feature to have you sleep undisturbed with your beloved. Staying in the same pose and position with which you go to sleep is a rare case success story. You cringe and crawl, buckle and duck, crouch and reach, posing other superhero positions. Why disturb other’s sleep or have you disturbed because of other’s sleep ? But after all it is natural and you cannot be blamed.

Capturing/Containing in itself all the motion waves caused on bed, the latest contour technology mattress constantly re distributes the pressure within, leaving partners sleep undisturbed. From ensuring safety to kids to giving away the privilege of a peaceful sleep to adults, Soho mattress surpasses age limits, benefitting everyone. Not to forget its Soft edge feature that conduct tensions drain out effortlessly, melting you to sleep.

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