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Why Choosing Your Mattress Should Be A Well Thought Decision?

Fun fact:

Internet sources estimate that an adult roughly makes around 35,000 conscious decisions each day! Do not believe me? Google it. The paradox of choice is also a cause of anxiety for many in this age of consumerism. Walk down the bread aisle in your neighborhood supermarket and you will know what I mean. 

But honestly, what we as humans place as “priority decisions” happen to have an exceedingly small number. How we commute to work, what outfit we wear on a first date, what furniture makes up our abode, what time we choose to sleep each day are probably some examples of decisions we prioritize. What’s unsettling about this dynamic though is that often, we are told what to prioritize, either by past generations or ad commercials. How would you place good sleep quality in this range? 

Let me lay down a few more interesting stats for you. Sleep deprivation is a result of poor diet, stress, bad sleeping positions, and a vastly ignored but important factor – the wrong mattress. But while people are time and again reminded of the first two factors, the latter two are oftentimes ignored. In fact, several studies have shown that constant backaches are to be blamed on old, flimsy mattresses so if the question is “Should selecting your mattress to be a priority decision?” then the answer undoubtedly, is yes.


A full night’s sleep is associated with better memory, reduction of stress, healthier metabolism, better cognitive abilities, and an increased lifespan. It should not come as a surprise that a good mattress is a recipe for great sleep. There are several factors that come into play while choosing the right mattress. Besides the price, warranty, and design, what to check off while making a purchase? 

Foam Density 

Density tells you how tightly packed together with the foam inside the mattress is that is responsible for making it dense. Essentially, a mattress with a higher density would be more comfortable to sleep on than one with less foam density. Higher foam density mattresses ensure superior support to your back in every position. So, they are likely to have a longer warranty period and weigh around 75kg per cubic meter. 


This might seem like an obvious factor of selecting a mattress, but comfort goes way beyond snug and cozy. Does the mattress provide a comfortable temperature? Does it enable the comfort of movement and comfort of your skeletal muscles with support? These are the kind of questions you need to confront before making a purchase.


Comfort and Durability are essential. But so is the weight of your mattress. We change our sheets ever so often, and it is important that you can do this with the utmost ease. 

All these factors must be considered while making a purchase. It is the only key to achieving a well-rested sleep. We spend one-third of our lives sleeping, so we would best be doing it correctly. 

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