Not sleeping well?

Is Your Mattress Affecting The Quality Of Your Sleep?

Have you ever found yourself in a situation so dire, that you’re simply not comfortable sleeping in your own bed, or worse – prefer sleeping on your couch because “it’s one and the same”? 

Well then, it’s about time you wake up. No seriously, get off there. 

We come to hear time and again that everyone deserves a good night’s sleep but how often do we invest in one? There are factors that contribute to the quality of one’s sleep and while some of them are not in our control, some most certainly are. There’s no saying what time you’d get off work and shut down your PC. There are enough external tragedies like urgent phone calls, stress, a new job, or your gaming addiction that takes a toll on your sleep cycle  – your mattress of all things shouldn’t have to be one of them. 

3 signs telling you it’s time to change your mattress: 

1. You’re a young chap with an old man’s back 

If you find yourself constantly complaining about back, shoulder and neck aches, chances are that a lousy bed might be the culprit. When you lie down in a particular position for too long, an unbalanced downward push and an upwards resistance from your mattress could cause a serious misalignment in your body, forming pressure points. This is what causes muscle soreness and joint aches when you move around later in the day. A quality mattress provides the kind of support your body requires for longer hours of rest, unlike a couch that’s merely a butt cushion for a few.

2. You catch an allergy faster than you can say, Jack Robinson

An old mattress is basically a sweet haven for dust mites. By using the same mattress for years together, you’re inviting hundreds of these mites to live inside the foams of your bed and eat off your dead skin cells and body oil. Not a very pleasant image before tucking yourself in bed, is it? Dust mites are the primary cause of asthma, skin allergies, and various other skin conditions like acne and eczema. Very few people are aware of this, but it’s the sole reason thousands of people are now switching to new germ-resistant, eco-friendly mattresses to keep allergies at bay. You should too!

3. You hear creaking noises before you can even hear your alarm go off

Ask someone with chronic back pain and they won’t shut up about the importance of a good quality mattress. Creaking noises from beds are often ignored by many and later come back to haunt them in the form of painkillers and medical bills. A good bed is supposed to support your spine and improve your posture, and a sagging mattress only does the opposite. It’s probably also why most people find themselves tossing and turning in bed instead of being in deep slumber. So now you know that a worn-out stitch means time to switch. 

All in all, a quality mattress offers much more than hitting that snooze – it gives you quality sleep that transforms your energy throughout the day. And let’s not forget that iconic moment when Mesut Barazany said: “Your future depends on your dreams, so go to sleep”.  

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