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As long as you pay off your order as scheduled, no fees will be charged to your Sezzle account. However, if you need to make changes to your payment schedule, or if you miss a payment, fees may apply.

Fees are always charged with the installment, instead of as a separate transaction. For example, a ₹2000 installment with a ₹100 fee would be charged as one ₹2100 payment.

₹100 Rescheduling Fee

Your first reschedule on an order is always free! However, if you need to reschedule your payments again, a ₹100 fee will be charged. 

₹200 Failed Payment Fee

Should your payment fail on the day it was scheduled, your account may be suspended and a ₹200 failed payment fee will be applied on that installment. However, if you resolve the payment within 48 hours of it failing, we’ll automatically waive your fee! Otherwise, the fee will be charged alongside the installment on the new due date.  Once the payment and fee are resolved, you will again be able to use your account to make new purchases.

Please note, once a fee has been paid, we cannot waive the fee.

How do I pay off an order in full?

When it comes to paying off an order, you can either let the installments be charged on their scheduled due dates, or you can pay them off early. 

Paying installments off early can often increase your likelihood of getting approved for new orders, however, it is not required. There is no punishment for paying your installments off as scheduled.

To pay off an installment early, simply login to your Sezzle dashboard, select “View Order” next to the order you’d like to make a payment on, and then click “Pay Now” next to the installment. 

Clicking that will make the payment immediately, and you can do this for any and all installments that you’d like to pay off.

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