Mattress Do’s

Protecting against dust mites and allergens – Spring mattresses, because of a lot of open space between springs, are a favorite with dust mites. High-density foam mattresses and especially latex mattress (which are naturally hypoallergenic) are better at keeping the mattress, dust mite free. We highly recommend a good anti-allergenic coated mattress protector cover to go with your mattress. In addition, one needs to protect the mattress from liquids and semi-solids (bed wetting, coffee/tea, moisturizing creams, etc.). High humidity is the most favorable breeding ground for dust mites and hence liquid seepage into the mattress is best avoided.

Rotating the mattress from time to time – To prevent the mattress from sagging and to make sure that pressure is distributed evenly, it is a good practice to rotate it after every few months

Bed bases to use with the mattress- Our mattresses have been designed to work well on any type of surface as long as it is flat and sturdy enough to bear the weight.

Removing stains on the mattress – The top cover is a zipper cover on the mattress. You can unzip and remove the cover. As the full cover is not washable, just dip the portion that you want to clean in mild detergent, hand wash it and let the full cover dry. You can then put the dried cover back on the mattress.

Airing the mattress – We highly recommend that you air the mattress every 3-6 months. Again this is not needed but highly recommended from a hygiene point of view. The process is simple:

– Remove all sheets, pillows, mattress protectors from the mattress on a Sunny morning

– Open all the windows in the bedroom

– Vacuum the top and sides of the mattress using a good quality vacuum cleaner

– Let the mattress air in that condition from morning till evening

Please do not air the mattress on a rainy day.