Mattress Don’ts

At the risk of repeating, the mattress should be protected against any liquid spillage at all costs. This is applicable to all mattresses. The reason is that moisture is breeding ground for unwanted things and it is impractical to dry the mattress in the sun, the way it used to be done in the olden times.

However, we understand that accidents happen. So, in case of accidental spillage on the mattress, please soak up as much liquid as possible from the mattress, mild dry with a hairdryer (only mild drying and do not overheat the mattress).

In addition, please do not machine wash or try to wash the entire mattress cover. Only the top portion is washable.

Please do not expose the mattress to direct sunlight. We are referring to leaving the mattress in the open, exposed to the sun. Sunlight that comes into the bedroom through the windows is fine, but not direct exposure to the sun in the open.