Is there a possibility to foreclose EMIs availed on Debit cards’?

Yes, Debit Card EMIs can be foreclosed after clearing first three EMIs.

Do customers need to pay any down payment to avail Debit card EMI?

No, the customers need not pay any down payment amount to avail the EMI.

Can you provide a list of the EMI plans and interest rates of different banks that support Debit card EMI?

The interest rates applied by each bank for debit card EMIs are provided for your reference. The minimum transaction amount for which EMIs can be availed on debit cards can vary for each bank. The maximum transaction amount depends upon the available pre-approved limit for the customer. Right now, customers can avail EMIs on HDFC

What is the criteria to avail Debit card EMI?

To avail Debit card EMI, your customers should pass the eligibility criteria set by their banks. The minimum order amount on the Checkout should be ₹5000 (for HDFC Debit cards)

How will the customers know that they are eligible for Debit card EMI?

Eligible customers can view the option on the Checkout under EMI option. However, as the eligibility criteria can vary for each bank or can be changed by the banks periodically, it is recommended that the customers reach out to their respective banks to check if they are eligible or not.

What is the minimum balance required in the customer’s account to avail Debit card EMI?

None. Customers need not have any minimum balance in their accounts while placing the order. However, they need to ensure that their accounts have sufficient funds to pay the EMI due every month.