I need to add a payment method

You can link Credit/Debit cards to your Sezzle account.  Credit/Debit card To add a debit or a credit card to your Sezzle account, log into your Sezzle dashboard. Select “Settings” at the top, and then payment methods. Under “Payment Methods,” choose “Add a new credit/debit card” You’ll then be walked step-by-step through adding your payment method.

How do I close my Sezzle account?

We’re sorry to hear that you’d like to close your account! Closing an account is permanent, and cannot be reversed. If you choose to come back to Sezzle at a later date, your order history from your closed account will not be able to be moved over to a new account. All outstanding installments do

I’ve tried to reset my Sezsle PIN, but I am not receiving any emails.

Please make sure you are using the same email address you used to register for Sezzle. We also recommend checking your Junk or Spam folder. If you still don’t see an email, contact us!

SOHO has confirmed that refund has been initiated, but I do not see refund status on Sezzle Dashboard.

Sometimes, the merchants do not update the refund status on Sezzle, after initiating a refund from their end, due to this reason, we do not come to know about the refund. In such cases, we go ahead and contact with the specific merchant and derive information on the particular order. This might take a day

It’s been 10 business days and I haven’t gotten my refund

If 10 business days have passed, and you still haven’t received the funds back to your original payment method, we recommend first reviewing the order in your Sezzle dashboard.  It might be that some or all of the order was paid on a different payment method, or that the merchant only issued enough of a

I didn’t get my full refund

We always recommend checking your Sezzle dashboard to verify the refund amount. If you feel like the overall amount refunded wasn’t correct, please reach out to the merchant directly. They will be able to explain why they issued the amount – it could be that they have a restocking fee or that they don’t refund

I need to make a return in Sezzle.

If you need to return or exchange your order, the first step is to contact the merchant. Please follow their exact return policies, which are often listed on their website. We strongly recommend keeping track of the tracking number, should you return anything by mail. Once the merchant receives your return or exchange, they’ll then

The refund went to a closed account/card

Due to industry regulations, we can only issue refunds back to the payment method that was used to make the payment.  In some cases, like a closed or expired card, the bank or card company is able to recognize that the refund was for a closed card and post it to the updated card. If

How do refunds work in Sezzle?

When a merchant(SOHO) issues a refund, we process the appropriate changes to your Sezzle account. You’ll receive an email from us once the refund has been issued, and you can always view the refund details by logging into your Sezzle account. We always recommend looking at the merchant’s refund policy on their website, as some

Will Sezzle automatically deduct the due amount from my account?

You may make early payments through your Sezzle Account, otherwise, Sezzle will automatically process payments in accordance with the due dates stated on the Payment Schedule (“Automatic Payment”). You hereby irrevocably authorize Sezzle to process such payments using the Payment Method details provided by you.

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