Improving sleep outcomes!

What can be done to solve the problem of insufficient sleep? To improve sleep outcomes among the wider population, we share outlines with several recommendations for individuals, employers, and public authorities. We have taken this excerpt from the section of key research findings from the book – “Why Sleep Matters-The Economic Costs of Insufficient Sleep:

Can a mattress alleviate back pain?

How can a mattress alleviate the back pain? An Irish proverb says, “A good laugh and a sound sleep are two best cures for anything.” But what if your sleep is disturbed and distorted? A poor night’s sleep can affect your body, mood, and performance. There may be numerous reasons to explain it. But if

The 24 x 7 society…

Sleep deprivation in the 21st century & the way ahead Excerpt – Research from multiple sources & Mastering Sleep, By Swami Subramaniam Almost 30 percent of Americans do not get enough sleep. Making do with six or fewer hours of sleep every day. If we include people suffering from sleep deprivation, at least once a

Sleep hygiene

Creating the right environment for sleep If you have difficulty sleeping and went to your doctor with your complaint, the first thing he or she would probably inquire about and attempt to fix is your sleep hygiene. Sleep hygiene is all about how you approach your bedtime and the habits and preferences in terms of

Not sleeping well?

Is Your Mattress Affecting The Quality Of Your Sleep? Have you ever found yourself in a situation so dire, that you’re simply not comfortable sleeping in your own bed, or worse – prefer sleeping on your couch because “it’s one and the same”?  Well then, it’s about time you wake up. No seriously, get off

Pareto’s Sleep principle

Does 10% meditation improve the quality Of your sleep 90% ? There is no denying that the mind’s tendency to get caught up in thoughts peaks at bedtime when we are the stillest. Sooner or later this train of thoughts is sometimes the culprit that leads to restlessness and in turn, the inability to fall

To be or not to be…

Why Choosing Your Mattress Should Be A Well Thought Decision? Fun fact: Internet sources estimate that an adult roughly makes around 35,000 conscious decisions each day! Do not believe me? Google it. The paradox of choice is also a cause of anxiety for many in this age of consumerism. Walk down the bread aisle in

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