I’m Only Sleeping, by The Beatles

Did you know? John Lennon wrote this as a tribute to staying in bed, which he liked to do even when he wasn’t sleeping. John loved laying around in bed, sleeping, reading, watching telly or lovemaking. Didn’t matter. He loved being in bed. Maureen Cleave wrote of John Lennon: “He can sleep almost indefinitely, is probably

Sleepy on the job? Take an inemuri break

Sleepy on the job? Or just sleepy anywhere in public? Or is your mind wandering to places and you are unable to focus in the present moment? Take a break, go to sleep & become present, doing the way the Japanese do! Tell your boss, you are going for an Inemuri break! The concept of inemuri can

The sleep hygiene checklist

CHECKLIST 1.Take a hot bath before bed 2. Get some exercise. Recent studies do not show that exercise in the evening disturbs sleep. So, if 8 pm is when you wish to hit the treadmill, go for it. 3. As far as possible, stick to the same sleep schedule on weekdays as well as the

World sleep – day

Shakespeare has famously called sleeping the “main course in life’s feast”. WORLD SLEEP DAY® (WSD) – WHAT IS IT? To celebrate the importance of good sleep, World Sleep Day is observed every year on March 13. Organised by the World Sleep Day Committee of the World Sleep Society, this day aims to draw people’s attention

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