Sleepy & not scary Halloween

Yes we know, Halloween is just around the corner, and the air is full of popular folklore, to scary costumes, the trick or treats traditions and the good old but sometimes scary pumpkin lanterns to scare other monsters away that is carved out as a tradition that was passed on over the years by the

The springy mattress at Sibudu

Excerpt from Mastering sleep, the science of sleeping well, by Swami Subramaniam Forty kilometers north of Durban South Africa, in the province of KwaZulu natal, flows the river tongati in an eastward direction towards the Arabian sea. This is the tongati river valley. Overseeing the valley is a rock shelter under a sandstone cliff approachable

The key to happiness, Part -2

Excerpt from the art of effortless living by – Ingrid Houston PH.D The drug addict takes drugs to change his internal state, to get rid of pain, anger, anxiety, anger, and feel more pleasure, more freedom, more joy. Like everyone, he wants to find happiness and release from the pain. But he has a low

The key to happiness, Part -1

Excerpt from the art of effortless living by – Ingrid Houston PH.D Long ago Buddha realized the confusion in the way human beings pursue happiness. He observed that a restless striving after goals is part of human nature. People are constantly seeking to get something or to do something, operating from the notion of what

What are dreams?

Excerpt from Calvin and Hobbes, By Bill Watterson What are Dreams? Dreams have a special place in popular discourse much more than sleep. Sigmund Freuds contribution to psychoanalytic literature derives inspiration from his view that dreams had a specific purpose as a form of wish fulfilment for repressed urges and desires. He elaborated on this

The sleeping genius Part – 2

Ramanujan has not been the only wizard to claim inspiration during sleep. Otto Loewi, the German neuropharmacologist, dreamt the experimental design that he then used to prove that transmissions at synapses was chemical. Another German, the organic chemist Kekule, had dreamt of a snake swallowing its tail, and came up with a idea of the

The sleeping genius Part -1

Dreaming Math’s! Srinivasa Ramanujan (1887-1920) was an Indian mathematical genius who ranked alongside the greatest of mathematicians Euler and Jacobi. He was self-taught, using textbooks of advanced mathematics available to him in India to teach himself the subject. However, he went way beyond his textbooks in his mathematical imagination. Even to his fellow colleagues, his

A house for sleep…

Excerpt from Mastering Sleep book , By Swami Subramaniam You come home tired from a day at the office. The house is brightly lit with warm yellow LED lights. While having the customary early supper with the family, the lights low dim. By 9 pm, the ceiling lights have all turned off leaving patches of

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