The sleep hygiene checklist.

CHECKLIST 1.Take a hot bath before bed 2. Get some exercise. Recent studies do not show that exercise in the evening disturbs sleep. So, if 8 pm is when you wish to hit the treadmill, go for it. 3. As far as possible, stick to the same sleep schedule on weekdays as well as the

Improving sleep outcomes!

What can be done to solve the problem of insufficient sleep? To improve sleep outcomes among the wider population, we share outlines with several recommendations for individuals, employers, and public authorities. We have taken this excerpt from the section of key research findings from the book – “Why Sleep Matters-The Economic Costs of Insufficient Sleep:

Can a mattress alleviate back pain?

How can a mattress alleviate the back pain? An Irish proverb says, “A good laugh and a sound sleep are two best cures for anything.” But what if your sleep is disturbed and distorted? A poor night’s sleep can affect your body, mood, and performance. There may be numerous reasons to explain it. But if

World sleep – day

Shakespeare has famously called sleeping the “main course in life’s feast”. WORLD SLEEP DAY® (WSD) – WHAT IS IT? To celebrate the importance of good sleep, World Sleep Day is observed every year on March 13. Organised by the World Sleep Day Committee of the World Sleep Society, this day aims to draw people’s attention

The springy mattress at Sibudu

Excerpt from Mastering sleep, the science of sleeping well, by Swami Subramaniam Forty kilometers north of Durban South Africa, in the province of KwaZulu natal, flows the river tongati in an eastward direction towards the Arabian sea. This is the tongati river valley. Overseeing the valley is a rock shelter under a sandstone cliff approachable

The key to happiness, Part -2

Excerpt from the art of effortless living by – Ingrid Houston PH.D The drug addict takes drugs to change his internal state, to get rid of pain, anger, anxiety, anger, and feel more pleasure, more freedom, more joy. Like everyone, he wants to find happiness and release from the pain. But he has a low

The key to happiness, Part -1

Excerpt from the art of effortless living by – Ingrid Houston PH.D Long ago Buddha realized the confusion in the way human beings pursue happiness. He observed that a restless striving after goals is part of human nature. People are constantly seeking to get something or to do something, operating from the notion of what

The 24 x 7 society…

Sleep deprivation in the 21st century & the way ahead Excerpt – Research from multiple sources & Mastering Sleep, By Swami Subramaniam Almost 30 percent of Americans do not get enough sleep. Making do with six or fewer hours of sleep every day. If we include people suffering from sleep deprivation, at least once a

What are dreams?

Excerpt from Calvin and Hobbes, By Bill Watterson What are Dreams? Dreams have a special place in popular discourse much more than sleep. Sigmund Freuds contribution to psychoanalytic literature derives inspiration from his view that dreams had a specific purpose as a form of wish fulfilment for repressed urges and desires. He elaborated on this

The sleeping genius Part – 2

Ramanujan has not been the only wizard to claim inspiration during sleep. Otto Loewi, the German neuropharmacologist, dreamt the experimental design that he then used to prove that transmissions at synapses was chemical. Another German, the organic chemist Kekule, had dreamt of a snake swallowing its tail, and came up with a idea of the