A house for sleep…

Excerpt from Mastering Sleep book , By Swami Subramaniam

You come home tired from a day at the office. The house is brightly lit with warm yellow LED lights. While having the customary early supper with the family, the lights low dim. By 9 pm, the ceiling lights have all turned off leaving patches of illumination in the corners where floor lamps still emit light.

You can change into your night suit, a loose flannel garment perhaps, and spend 10 minutes in contemplation smoothing away the worries of the day and preparing for tomorrow. The temperature in the room gradually drops to a point where you seek the comfort of your bed.

The bedroom is in the back of the house. It is a small room, the smallest in the house. A dim yellow light is on. Soft music is playing. The small window is closed, an automatic shutter has come down over it earlier in the evening.

Except for the soft, gentle music you can hear nothing. You lie down on your side of the bed. The mattress has been custom fitted for your size, spinal curvature, and temperature preference, which happens to be slightly cooler than what your spouse prefers.

You embrace and cuddle with your partner but tonight it will be brief, as you have a flight to catch to Japan in the morning. As both of you part the mattresses separate and a partition descends. You can see each other but not hear each other. Your partner’s gentle snore has been barricaded away and you can now sleep. You wear your nightcap. The EEG patches fit snugly.

The mattress commences a gentle swaying movement, something you like before you fall asleep. You ease through the sleep gate into a gentle sleep 10 minutes after the room light automatically turns of sensing your imminent entry into sleep.

You sleep gently, undisturbed by random noises, except those programmed to your wishes to maintain a nostalgic connection with your childhood. The auditory cues you had programmed during your learning session at the office come on at various times to reactivate the neuronal pathways where that memory is stored.

The synapses strengthen and the next morning material from the learning session the previous day is clear as crystal in your memory. It is at 6 am. You awaken to the sound of your favorite musician and the brightening of the blue daytime LED lights as you awaken. You are fresh.

It has been another night of great sleep. You feel young, alive, and alert. The partition lifts softly to permit you to kiss your wife goodbye on your way to the airport. You have a long flight and will be jet lagged on arrival.

But your chrono-typology app has already prepared you for that with melatonin pills to take soon after you board and personalized bright light therapy at the hotel where you will be staying.

You have a successful meeting in Tokyo although your hosts have tried their best to ply you with Sake to throw you off-kilter during difficult negotiations. You have come armed to tackle the aftereffects of binge drinking, a beverage containing natural anti-inflammatory herbs that soothe the mind and body.

You know you will be back home in two days and ready once again for office after a refreshing night’s sleep. Your boss is happy. Your partner looks forward to your return.

No sweat. Life is good.

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