The Soho way of life!

Because you know your mattress matters!

We know your lifestyle matter’s too!

This is the story of you, me & everybody, people who are driven with the passion to do, but dreaming all day & staying awake all night seeking their sincerity of purpose in life.  Spending time thinking, dreaming, creating & designing their own way of life which otherwise in popular parlance was also known as the SOHO-LIFESTYLE! 

The SOHO – WAY OF LIFE is a relaxed attitude and a contented form of living, enjoying life to the fullest, taking inspiration from the occasional indulgent, often tolerant, & quite capricious, steeped as if in a tropical lassitude being wedded to the journey within.


Life happens when you are busy making other plans!

The “a-ha” moment, came while lying down one-night watching time go by & almost having perfected their Zen moment or THE ART OF SOHO, it struck them that the secret sauce to success was to instead dream all night and work all day to make the dreams come true!

You learn only by doing!

Which is when they thought why not make dreaming their business & to support it with a simple yet complete sleeping solution not only for themselves but for everyone to use. We present to you the almost Perfect Sleep Companion for that quintessential feeling of inner peace, a good night’s sleep, and lots of dreams as YOU work hard in pursuit of your dreams & aspirations while you come back home after a hard days work for that well-deserved rest!

Who are we at Soho?

We at SOHO MATTRESS today are not just a Mattress and Pillow company but a no drama, no noise, honest sleep solution experts. We believe in our products & services to be obsessively engineered & ridiculously comfortable with just the right amount of technology. We like to keep it simple & It is our strong belief that our job is not only to sell you the mattresses and pillows but also to be with you all along the way as you work hard towards achieving your goals with sincerity of purpose.

The Soho experience!

It is not only about our products, but also a way of life for YOU to be well rested each time you sleep. Our direct to consumer distribution over the internet guarantees an easy purchase procedure, proactive advice by qualified customer service agents, no-cost EMI, and easy financing options with a 365-night trial for you to try out our Mattress.

Over and above all of this we also work tirelessly behind the scenes to bring to you various exclusive community-focused Soho programs for all our customers to support them in not only experiencing but to be able to live a healthy & fulfilling life!

Welcome to the Soho lifestyle…

Dreams, crutches, & social class

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