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SOHO was designed and developed by young entrepreneurs, who would dream all day and stay awake all night. Backed up by large conglomerates and mentored by Industry veterans globally. 

Driven by a relaxed attitude and a contented form of life enjoying it to the fullest by taking inspiration from the occasional indulgent, often tolerant, quite capricious & steeped as if in a tropical lassitude being wedded to the journey within.

As they watched time go by only to realize along the way that the secret sauce was to instead dream all night and work all day to make the dreams come true!

Our SOHO brand promise, It is our belief that our job is not only to sell you the mattresses and pillows but also be with you after & along the way as you work hard towards achieving your goals with sincerity of purpose. This is why the SOHO lifestyle is  a way of life for you to experience “SLEEP”

Your Mattress, Matters


Our Inspiration

The “eureka” moment, was experienced while spending most of the time lying down, watching the stars, dreaming & introspecting time go by. Which is why they decided to create something which could support them in everyday life as they not only pursued their dreams but also dreamt all night lying down.

Presenting to you the almost Perfect Sleep Companion for that quintessential feeling of inner peace, a good night’s sleep and lots of dreams as YOU work hard pursuing your dreams and aspirations and coming back home for that well deserved rest and dreamy nights

We at SOHO today are not just a Mattress and Pillow company but a sophisticated SLEEP technology solutions business.

Practice Makes Perfect

We dreamt to do big
and slept over it.


Yep. We know. A total cliche. Our ‘mission’. But we don’t know what else to call it. It’s easy for us to say you’d be a little bit happier if you slept well but it isn’t always as simple as just jumping into bed and snuggling down. Sleep isn’t a one size fits all. That’s why we’re trying to make better sleep accessible to every single person. Whether it’s through our carefully designed sleep products, partnerships with experts and professionals or campaigns to protect people’s right to sleep, we are here to give you the sleep you need to rise and shine. So there we go, our ‘mission’ – to make your world a happier, healthier place through better sleep and brighter mornings. 

Knowledge is everything



Mad Scientist

Yes we do have our  Mad doctor just like Frankenstein, who gives us sleepless nights. For us mattress design is a science. We work hard in our labs to get the best mattress.


product designers

We collaborate with International product designers to get our designs right. Oh Yes! Mattress design is no less than rocket science. They are aiming for the moon, mars and beyond, we are aiming to get you a good nights sleep & take you on the journey within



We have a very dedicated bunch of Sleep- Science auditors who test our mattresses via a rigorous process for many nights altogether. This way you can be certain that our final SOHO mattress designs are not just a quality product but also human tested & certified giving you the SOHO-so-good experience as it comes out of our LAB

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No Drama
No Noise

We will do this, we will do that. You will get heavenly sleep, 

no BS.

SOHO is an engineered Mattress designed for comfort, period!

Honest Pricing, No Noise & Direct to You

No Marketing Gimmick, no Drama, just the right mattress for you at the right price.

We cut through the noise and get to the point – Each SOHO product or service is optimized for what matters, the quality of your sleep.

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